Bus Driver Fired After Writing An Honest Post On Facebook About Disadvantaged Students’ Lunches

When your children go off to school, you assume they are in fed well and in good hands.  Unfortunately, there are some schools across the country that take the policy too strictly when it comes to whether or not a child will be fed lunch.


In Georgia, a middle school student told his bus driver  that he was hungry and was refused lunch that day.  The bus driver took action that had major consequences.

In May of 2013, a student approached him on the bus with something troubling to say.


He wrote about it on Facebook:

“A middle schooler got on my bus this evening and said mr johnny im hungry. I said why are you hungry buddy? Didn’t you eat lunch ? He said ‘No sir I didn’t have any money on my account.’ I said they would let you charge it? ‘No sir.'”

“Huh! What! This child is already on reduced lunch and we can’t let him eat. Are you kidding me?

I’m certain there was leftover food thrown away today. But kids were turned away because they didn’t have .40 on there account . As a taxpayer, I would much rather feed a child than throw it away. I would rather feed a child than to give food stamps to a crack head.”

His post immediately went viral.

When the school’s superintendent saw the post, he investigated, watched security footage of the lunchroom that day and concluded that the young boy was lying and that no such event occurred. The following day, he called the bus driver into his office.