Waiter Saves The Day When A Woman Nearly Misses Her Blind Date

This one starts out awkward but takes a bit of a turn. I’m a host. I sat a gentleman, very well dressed, named Greg who told me he was meeting a girl for their first date. About half an hour passes, and no one shows up. It’s a Sunday night, so it’s pretty slow, so I come by and check on him. He hasn’t heard from her or anything. Another half hour, then another. He finishes his entree, pays, and walks up to me and says, ‘Man, she’s not coming. Whatever.’

I try and convince him to stick it out at the bar for a little bit, but he isn’t having it. He leaves and 20 minutes later, a girl shows up. She says her phone is dead and her car broke down on the way to her date with a guy named Greg. I say he got fed up and left and she starts to cry because she really thinks she messed up. I tell her it’ll be okay. The guy signed up for a rewards program, and we had his cell number.

I’m not supposed to do this but I called him up and told him his date was here, and he didn’t believe me, so I put her on the phone and he was back 20 minutes later.

They seemed to really hit it off, and as he left, he said ‘Thanks, man’ and slipped me a $5 (the only direct tip I’ve ever gotten). They just came in together yesterday. It makes me really happy that they’re still dating.

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