12 Foods You Probably Didn’t Even Know You Could Make Better

You can always improve on the way you prepare and cook food, so we have 12 examples of food products which you never knew you could make your life better.

1. Make some deep incisions on a potato, without slicing it into separate segments. Fill the spaces in between with cheese, sauce, bacon, or any other product of your choice. Then bake in the oven. Yum!
foods you can make better 1

2. When cooking sausages, impale them on skewers and then cut open in such a way as to form a spiral pattern. Then place them under the grill. That way they’ll not only be tasty, but look appetising when served.
foods you can make better 2

3. Make incisions in a loaf of bread to form a ’lattice’ pattern. Place slices of cheese as well as some herbs and/or spices in the gaps between the sections. Bake in the oven. You’ll end up with a delicious loaf of cheesy bread which goes well with plenty of meals, or simply works on its own as a snack.
foods you can make better 3

4. A waffle-maker can be used not only to make waffles. You can also used it to heat up pizza — this time giving it a more original appearance.
foods you can make better 4

5. You can also use it to make great potato pancakes.
foods you can make better 5

6. Grind up some chocolate cookies, place them in an ice cube, tray and pour in some milk. Place the tray in the freezer. Use them when you want a refreshing drink with a little extra sweetness.
foods you can make better 6

7. The best way ever discovered to make a sandwich:
foods you can make better 7

8. Cut some puff pastry into squares, cover each with some Nutella and pieces of chopped marshmallow. Fold over in the form of triangles and bake. You’ll end up with the best dessert roll you’ve ever eaten!
foods you can make better 8

9. Skewer slices of sausage with uncooked spaghetti, then boil. The result is amazing!
foods you can make better 9

10. How to make a delightful sweet pastry in the form of a ’braid’:
foods you can make better 10

11. You can eat mini-pancakes like you would a lollipop. In fact, using this method is easier if you want to cover them in honey or anything else.
foods you can make better 11

12. Grind down some porridge oats and whisk them together with eggs. Submerge some slices of bread in the mixture and toast them. Delicious!
foods you can make better 12


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