Foster Son Starves While Mom And Daughter Eat, Then A Customer Interrupts To Help Him

There is nothing more shameful than hurting or taking advantage of a child. Yet every day, thousands of American children in the foster care system experience are abused and neglected at their most vulnerable.

What is more epidemic is the scheming adults who take in foster children only to cash in the monthly paycheck? The average foster parent receives $713 dollars per child a month.

When we treat our children like paychecks, it’s only them who end up suffering. In this social experiment by What Would You Do? a foster mom explicitly favors her biological daughter over her foster son at a diner.

She tells him that no one would ever adopt him, that her daughter can have whatever she wants on the menu while he has a budget of $4. The mother reprimands him when her daughter is misbehaving. She brings the young boy to tears.

While this social experiment might be a reenactment, we know from the very real Lucci quadruplets who endured the same kind of abuse in foster care that this kind of treatment happens to foster children every day.

Even in this darkest moment, it’s regular people like you or me who shine a light. One woman leans in over to the table and tells the boy she’ll buy him whatever he wants. She asks him for his name and number to report the abusive mother.

If this social experiment proves anything, it’s that when we see children being harmed, we have the power to step in and make a difference!

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