Teen Phones For Help For Dying Father, Gets Arrested For Swearing During 911 Call

A 17-year-old Michigan called 911 after her dad collapsed in the kitchen. During the call, she was swearing and the call led to her arrest.

Lincoln Park resident Adrianne Ledesma called the emergency line when her dad, fell to the ground and started seizing. He was who was three weeks’ post-op, and the first phone call, she said had no answer. She panicked and called again and, just as she said “What the f***” the dispatcher, Officer Robert McFarland, picked up the phone.

Ledesma gave him her address and asked for an ambulance be sent, and his reply was that she didn’t need to swear on the 911 line and slow down.

She was exasperated and scared for her father’s life, and she cussed again. At that point, McFarland allegedly hung up on her after she cussed again.

When she called back again, she asked him if he was going to send an ambulance.

He responded by asking if she was going to swear again and called her a stupid a**.

Adrianne asked him if they were going to have an f***** problem.

McFarland allegedly replied she wasn’t going to get one!

After several calls requesting an ambulance, McFarland finally sent the call to the fire desk but told them a filthy-mouthed girl kept calling 911. He told them he did not know the reason for the call and couldn’t transfer her to them.

McFarland allegedly said the same thing to the police desk when he finally sent a squad car to Ledesma’s house.

Ledesma sped to the police department for assistance thinking that McFarland did not send assistance. While she was gone, her brother was at their father’s side waiting.

At police headquarters, McFarland asked her if she was the girl with a foul mouth. He then arrested the 17-year-old for disorderly conduct and 911 abuse, which wasn’t a chargeable offense at the time.

When the police heard the news, McFarland was suspended for two weeks no pay and ordered back for additional training.


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