In 1940, Fred Astaire Met His Match. After This Dance He Never Worked With Eleanor Powell Again

Fred Astaire is known to be one of the greatest dancers and performers of all time.

When you see him in any of his classic clips, it’s quite clear that this man has talent, and was well deserving of his incredible fame. But over the years, and through the countless dancing partners he had, there was one person he teamed up with that he finally decided he just couldn’t work with anymore.

Not because she was bad at dancing or a diva, but because she was just too good!

This famous clip from the movie Broadway Melody of 1940 shows one of the greatest dance sequences of all time.

This clip, with Frank Sinatra narrating, shows a perfectly executed performance that’s over two minutes long. One continuous shot that truly captures the talent of these two dancers. One mess-up would require the whole shot to begin from the top, it’s almost as if these two masters are testing the other to see who will break first!

Eleanor Powell had trouble finding work in Hollywood simply because she was just too talented for her own good. A woman’s role in dances back in the ’40s was to make the man look good. And with her talent and grace, she was always the main focus.

While Astaire respected her immensely, he decided to get a new female dance partner so he could shine again! They’re both great in this video, but you have to admit, there is something about Powell that really is awe-inspiring.

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