A Vintage Performance Of This Timeless Song Will Give You Chills

Take a moment to step back in time with this YouTube video of Fred Parris and The Satins performing “In the Still of the Night.” The black and white film, finger snaps, and modest dance move remind us of simpler days. It’s safe to say that doo-wop sounds like this are not found on today’s modern radio.

Fred Parris and The Satins began in 1953 as The Scarlets while Parris was still a high school student. That year, they actually obtained some success with the song “Dear One.” However, introducing vocalists Al Denby, Ed Martin, and Jim Freeman into band led to the renaming of the group, The Satins.

The most successful song, “In the Still of the Night” was written by Parris in a church basement in 1954. While the group had success with a few more songs, the most popular were this masterpiece. The tune was later released in 1956 where it skyrocketed on major music charts. However, by the time it became a hit, Parris was drafted into the army and was actually in Japan when the song took off.

You’ll not want to miss this beautiful performance. Take a nostalgic stroll in time by checking out the video below.


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