Filmmaker Transforms Random Objects Into Guacamole

My mother and I can never agree on what makes a good guacamole. She likes it rather wet and chunky, almost like a salsa, whereas I prefer it smooth and creamy. Neither of us, however, have ever thought about making the dip with baseballs.

Odds are you probably haven’t tried introducing baseballs into your recipe either, but, for filmmaker Adam Pesapane, they are essential ingredients. Better known as PES, this talented director specializes in stunning stop-animation short films. His trademark is taking everyday objects and turning them into something else. He’s turned old sports equipment into a submarine sandwich, and marshmallow peeps into a festive fireworks display.

In this video, PES shows how to make guacamole with a wide array of inedible objects that closely resemble your typical fruits and veggies. Replacing baseballs for onions and grenades for avocados, you’ve never seen a dip made like this. Wildly creative, PES’ mesmerizing short film earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short in 2012. While he didn’t take home the Oscar, PES’ Fresh Guacamole earned the distinction of shortest film ever to be nominated.

I still think my way of making guacamole is better, but I have to admit, his looks awful tempting … well, sort of.


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