How To Make Your Own Creamy Ice Cream With Just One Ingredient

After a search for the perfect dessert, she found out what amazing possibilities came with freezing bananas. It seemed a little too good to be true at first, but she went ahead with her idea anyway, and put five bananas in a Zip-lock bag. When two hours passed by, she brought the bag back out. What she found was incredible.

Frozen Bananas1

The bananas snapped right in half, making the process as easy could be. She tossed them into the blender to pulse, and mixed it until the consistency was smooth. The goal was to make it into ice cream, but she didn’t know the amazing results that were about to become of this easy step.

Frozen Bananas2

When she took the lid off, she discovered something incredible – it became not only smooth, but perfectly creamy. Sure, it was still technically just frozen bananas, but when she took a bite, it tasted like something so much greater. Since bananas pair so well with any typical ice cream topping, the flavor possibilities could go on and on. Chocolate, peanut butter, ginger snaps, cinnamon, you name it, they could all go on this simply delicious dessert. But the best part of all, it contains hardly any calories. A healthy dessert is rare to find, but this one is among the very best. Follow her simple demonstration below to share in the fun.


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