Preacher Tricks A Criminal’s Brother At His Service By Calling Him A “Saint”

Alright so in this small rural town there lived two brothers. All of their lives they went around doing horrible things to people that ranged from Vandalism, Stealing, Battery, etc. One day one of the brothers dies, and the other brother goes to the town preacher to arrange his funeral and asks him,

“For my brother’s funeral can you do me one favor?”

“Sure, and what might that be?”

“I’ll pay you $10,000 if you call my brother a saint.”

The preacher agreed, and word broke like wildfire in this small community that the preacher would be calling the worst person in the town’s history a saint, so the day of the funeral came and people were lined out of the door to hear what the preacher was going to say. Once everyone had arrived the preacher started his speech

“Ladies and Gentlemen we are gathered here today to mourn upon the most wicked, the most hateful, and maybe the worst person I have ever met in my life, but compared to his brother that is sitting in front of me. He was a saint.”

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