He Pranked A Woman Who Acted Rudely When He Let Her Through The Car Park Door

So I let this lady and her daughter through the car park door before me because I’m just that nice of a bloke. This lady has me a dirty, didn’t thank me and said something under her breath. It’s OK, I smiled and let her through.

Then put my earphones in my ears and pretended that I received a phone call. It went something like this;

Me: “Heyyyyy man!! Long time, how have you been? . . . Miss you too, man! . . . I got out Thursday. . . Yeah, I was meant to serve a year and a half, but I was let out on good behavior after 6 months . . . Yeah, it was alright but happy to be out. Trust me, man, I won’t be getting into any more fights, haha . . . . Yeah, my patience has been tested a few times already, hahaha. (Lady turns around to look in shock and proceeds to walk faster). Alright dude, catch ya!”

This whole time, I just had music playing in my earphones, and the phone has no sim in it (iPhone 7). Chivalry ain’t dead. Just too many ungrateful people around.

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