Teenage Girls Wryly Smirked As They Prevented Him From Purchasing Gas

I noticed my gas tank almost empty, so I pulled into a station behind the car in front of me. There were two pumps open on the end, so I kept following the car in front until the car stopped at the first pump instead of pulling through to the second pump. There was just enough room to squeeze my car in between the car at the first pump and a fence. As I’m driving by I, see a teenage girl give me an exaggerated sad smirk while her friend laughed. Wrong move, ladies.

I pull into the second pump, but I do NOT leave them enough room to pull by after they finish pumping gas. I decided today to pay inside for my gas and take a few minutes perusing the store, grabbing a soda, and chatting with the clerk. When I noticed the girls are done pumping their gas, I walked slowly back to my car and started pumping gas. As the gallons ticked by they start to realize their mistake and are getting annoyed. I finished pumping my gas, but as I’m about to get in my car, I noticed my windows are awfully dirty. It would be unsafe to drive without them clean, but luckily the gas station has so conveniently provided a squeegee and cleaner. I promptly did my duty and cleaned every window in my car.

As I walked to put the squeegee away, I noticed the first girl flipping me off. I gave her the same exaggerated sad face she showed me earlier. Not so funny now, is it?

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