Garth Brooks Emotionally Sings ‘Mom’ On Good Morning America

Country singer Garth Brooks choked up during his 2014 “Good Morning America” performance of “Mom.” Host Robin Roberts and the audience bawled along with him.

“It should have been written about 50 years ago,” Brooks said introducing the song. “It’s a conversation between God and this unborn child about ready to go down to Earth, and when God describes what a Mom is …whoo! It kills me.” The singer had to compose himself a few times during the performance, he kept breaking down in tears.

Brooks lost his own mother, Colleen, to cancer in 1999. She was able to witness her son’s success in the music industry and became a grandmother to Brooks’ daughters before she passed. Colleen earned country music success of her own before becoming a mom to a superstar. During the 1950s, Capitol Nashville signed the young Colleen Carroll, where she released several single while singing at the “Ozark Jubilee.”



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