When Garth Brooks Starts Singing This Song, He Moves Ellen To Tears

In 2014, he went on the Ellen show to promote his first album in 13 years titled “Man Against Machine.” Garth’s fans were ecstatic at the opportunity to hear new songs from the legend after all this time. The excitement of the new album was entertaining enough, but little did fans know, Garth had one more surprise up his sleeve. Before the interview ended, he pulled out his guitar and began to sing his brand-new single “Mom.” The song details a conversation between God and an unborn baby about to be sent down to Earth. 

The song is dedicated to Garth’s own mom, Colleen, who died of cancer in 1999. Garth’s performance of the song was so emotional that even Ellen began to cry. After watching this, it’s no wonder that Garth Brooks is celebrated the way he is. He may have friends in low places, but Garth Brooks is in a high place amongst the greatest country singers ever. 



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