Doctors Carefully Cut Into Mom’s Pregnant Belly, Then Baby’s Head Pokes Through

A mom in Venezuela is making major waves online after choosing an unusual new birthing procedure called a “gentle” C-section.

The procedure is a lot like a traditional C-section, but the idea is that the baby makes his way out more naturally by “crowning” through the incision.

There was even an incredible gentle C-section in Italy where the baby almost seemed to crawl out of Mom’s womb.

The concept might sound a little strange because it’s not familiar to us yet, but it seems like it’s catching on!

After all, most moms don’t have the option of having a traditional childbirth because of medical conditions or the way the baby is positioned.

Having a gentle C-section means that, while Mom still goes through a surgery, the baby has a more natural birthing process.

The procedure is also slower, and it helps the mother feel more involved. Sometimes, moms who have unplanned C-sections miss out on the childbirth experience they originally planned on having.

This particular childbirth took place at Centro de Fertilidad Clínica Lugo in Maracay, Venezuela.

The powerful video shows the baby crowning through the incision and bringing his own little head into the world!

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