Hairdresser Was Later Sorry She Ignored Him To Cut Her Friend’s Hair First

I showed up to a hair cutting place. It was one of the typical chains. I walk in, and there is one hairdresser and one guy getting his hair cut by her. The lady told me to sign a paper, and she would cut my hair next. About 5 mins later she’s finished, and the guy pays for his haircut.

Just as I’m about to get called to get my haircut, apparently one of her good friends walks in, and she tells him she can cut his hair before mine! I was kinda pissed but wasn’t going to bother making a fuss of it.

So I’m waiting probably another 10 mins before another co-worker comes out of the back and says she can cut my hair. I get a super simple haircut probably takes no longer than 10 mins, and I finish my haircut about 30 seconds after the other guy.

We both go to the counter, and the lady rings up her friend’s haircut, $15, I’m guessing a special rate or something. He doesn’t tip her anything. I go next, and the same lady is ringing up my haircut, with my hairdresser standing behind her. $20. I make sure she sees my hand a $50 to my hairdresser and say how I’m glad she’s such an amazing hairdresser and everyone else I’ve had at the store pales in comparison.

My hairdresser was stoked! The lady that let her friend cut me tried to play it off like she was happy for her co-worker, but you could definitely see the jealousy! Shouldn’t have let your friend cut me in line.

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