Giant Pit Bull Lunges Toward Her Tiny Baby, But Look Very Closely At The Mom’s Reaction…

The assumption that pitbulls are bad dogs just because of their appearance is a common misconception.  They’re usually characterized as aggressive. But this giant pitbull is out to prove everyone wrong, while he loves on his tiny newborn brother!

Giant Pitbull1

The baby’s mother is totally comfortable letting the large pup shower her baby with kisses, and there’s not an ounce of aggression in this gentle giant! 

Many people don’t know that golden retrievers are actually the dogs with the largest number of recorded dog bites each year. This isn’t because golden retrievers are inherently aggressive (as is true with any breed) but they’re are just the most popular dog in the United States! If you would trust a golden retriever around your baby, you can definitely trust a pitbull – just like this loving family decided!


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