He Takes A Power Saw To A Giant Rubber Band Ball. What They Find Inside Is Mind-Boggling…

Not everything in life has to have a solid or logical reason for why you do it. Sure, pouring your Coca-Cola down the toilet might produce some amazingly helpful results, but you can also just have a little fun stepping into the stranger side of things for the heck of it! There probably isn’t much use for a large, gummy version of a Powerade bottle, but it’s still fascinating to watch them slice into the gooey gelatinous mold!

This father and son know exactly what I’m talking about when they have their backyard experiments. Their YouTube channel started when the son, Lincoln, was in 2nd grade and needed help completing a science project. They filmed themselves cutting into various sports balls to find out what’s inside, and they’ve kept investigating together ever since! As this video proves, sometimes things can get a bit freaky.

After a previous episode featured giant rubber band balls bouncing off the roof of their home, they unfortunately suffered technical difficulties when they sliced into the springy spheres and did not manage to capture the reaction. This time, they’re more prepared. They purchased a few ready-made balls, the largest of which took about 6 months to create, and carefully cut into them with a power saw.

I don’t know what I expected to see, but the result is even more amazing than I imagined! It’s like the orbs come to life with the bands bursting out into the air. I especially love it when they switch to the more colorful ball!


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