Teen Girl Finds A Dying Horse On The Side Of The Road And Rushes Into Action To Save Him

Kelsey and her mom were on their way to a swap meet in Illinois, when they were sidetracked and all of a sudden on a different route than usual. But when they came across a starving horse, they realized it had to be fate.

Girl saves a horse1

Abused and struggling to survive, Sonny the horse was lying on the side of the road. Kelsey felt it deep in her heart to help this poor, frightened horse. ¬†Unfortunately, Sonny wouldn’t fit in the trailer. Without any other choice, Kelsey decided to walk home with Sonny, 9 miles! Distance didn’t keep her from helping this horse, nor would time. Four hours later, Kelsey and Sonny were home where Sonny could begin to be nourished back to health.

Girl saves a horse2

Completely dedicated to Sonny, Kelsey slept in the barn for five nights straight in order to keep a good eye on her patient. The recovery process was one that she took very seriously. During that time, the two of them formed a beautiful bond which is only the start of their relationship.


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