It Looks Like An Ordinary Mountain From A Distance. But You Won’t Believe What’s On The Bottom…

I’ve played one or two rounds of golf in my day, but I’d hardly call myself a golfer by any stretch of the imagination. Still, when I saw this extreme par 3 in South Africa, even I knew I was witnessing something truly special. The Extreme 19th, as it’s known, features a tee-off at the top of Hanglip Mountain and sits a whopping 1,312 feet above the green.

The green itself is pretty remarkable too – a giant sprawl of grass that resembles a map of Africa with the hole at its center. In order to tee off, golfers are taken up to the mountaintop via helicopter. They are then given six balls with tracking sensors in them, because a shot this long and steep is bound to result in a few misplaced balls. Naturally, a hole as unique and challenging as this has been a magnet for avid golf enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world.

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