He Finds $14500 In An Envelope In A Parking Lot And Makes An Interesting Choice…

I once found a large sum of money in a envelope laying on the ground in a store parking lot. I went to the police and told them, I would not tell them how much or what it was in. I just left my name and number and said if they have somebody come in and tell me how much and some other ways to identify it I would give it to them.

The police basically tried to take it from me and I wouldn’t give it to them. After about 3 weeks of no phone calls from the police, I ran an add in a local newspaper and the first day I got at least 25-30 different phone calls and you wouldn’t believe the scam artistry and down right belligerence of the people that called me.

The next morning the phone rang at a little after 6am and it was an elderly gentleman who said the amount was 14,500 in a large white business envelope 13k of it was $100 bills the rest was $20’s. He had sold an antique car met the person in the parking lot of the store I found it in and don’t know how he lost it. He was going to give the money to his grand daughter for college. I am glad I didn’t give it to the police because I know it would have never made it back to him.

He offered me a reward and I respectfully refused because I don’t expect to be paid for doing the right thing.


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