This Gorilla Family Saw A Tiny Caterpillar. How They Reacted Was Hilarious

There’s something pretty philosophical about this video. The first thing you might think of is, “wow, talk about simple pleasures.” Then, you might begin to wonder what our ancestors did to keep themselves entertained on long nights with no Internet, no television, no radio, no phones, no musical instruments, no sports. At some point in human history, none of these things existed. Did we too simply enjoy what nature had to offer?

Well, clearly at some point we didn’t. Maybe a long time ago a caterpillar wriggling amusingly was enough. Then, we decided we could do a little better. We made music. We made art. We carried these with us for thousands of years and along the way, there have been some real masterpieces like the Mona Lisa or the works of Bach. There have also been some duds, but even those were at least briefly entertaining, even if they didn’t stand the test of time.

But then the Internet came along. Instant access to almost any content your heart desires. We can order pizza online and watch movies from a catalog of thousands at the click of a mouse. We can catch live or pre-taped sporting events or opera. But what are we all doing right now? Watching a gorilla look on in fascination at a bug. Definitely gives you something to think about! Maybe we all need to step back, stop, and smell the roses. Or watch the caterpillars.


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