Carpenter Builds 60 Crosses By Hand And Drives Them 1,700 Miles To Las Vegas To Honor Victims

When carpenter Greg Zanis heard about the tragic Las Vegas shooting that took place at the Route 91 Harvest festival, he knew he wanted to help.

Which is why the carpenter decided to construct 60 white crosses for the victims.

“I’m just doing what I can,” he said. “I’m a carpenter doing something about it.”

While this would normally take him weeks to do, Greg constructed the crosses in just a day. Not only did he make them for the victims, he’s also travelling the 1,700 miles from Aurora, Colorado, to Las Vegas in order to hand-deliver the crosses, set them up, and pay tribute to the lives that were lost.

“I’m trying to bring a face to this,” he said. “When you see these lined up for 250 feet, it’s going to show the severity of what happened over there.”

Along with the white crosses, Greg adds a heart, writes each victim’s name and age on the cross, then also attaches a photo.

Many of the families of victims sent requests to Greg asking if he could make crosses for them, as this isn’t the first time the carpenter has spent his days making crosses after a massacre — he’s honoured victims in Orlando and in his hometown of Aurora.

The news video below shares Greg’s story as well as several others from the days following the tragic shooting.

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