Couponing Mother Says She Was Assaulted By Impatient Male Customer At Kroger

Recently in Memphis, Tennessee a woman was  attacked in the checkout lane of a Kroger grocery store after admittedly spending 20 minutes to sort coupons and complete her purchase.  Megan Wilson is an extreme-couponer.  When she goes shopping, she carries a large binder of coupons.

While at the checkout, a man in line behind her complained that she was taking too long to check out.

“He started shouting ‘Come on, there’s other people out here. Nobody has time for this,'” Wilson said.

Wilson and the man exchanged some harsh words.  She then turned to leave, and her hand hit the counter, causing her to accidentally spill her drink on the man.

He then attacked Wilson, allegedly smashing her head on her cart and,  knocked her unconscious.“He grabbed my bun, pulled me back and smashed me into my cart. When I came to, I was on the ground and my leg was under the cart,” she said.

Wilson said that the assault left her covered in bruises, a possible broken rib, a knot on her head, and an injured hip.

Memphis Police have now released surveillance video showing Wilson appearing to intentionally toss her drink on the man right before that attack, and that Wilson suffered a small scratch on her forehead and refused medical treatment.

The officers are trying to find the man for questioning, and assault charges could be filed against both parties.

The man drove off in a blue Ford F150 after running out of the store and leaving his groceries behind.

“I’ve never in my life expected something like this to happen to me, especially in the middle of a grocery store,” an emotional Wilson said during a live Facebook broadcast.


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