Groom Waits For His Bride At The Altar And Bursts Into Tears When He Sees Her In Her Gown

The wedding day is often the happiest day a couple can share. All their friends and family are there to help them celebrate their love and decision to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s a big deal!

Of course, on the wedding day, both the groom and the bride look their best for the occasion, but it always catches me off guard when one or the other breaks down at the sight of the other. It’s so sweet and unexpected to see them moved in such a way, simply at the sight of the love of their life.

Though it’s impossible to identify what exactly triggers this emotional reaction, I would guess those tears of joy all come down to realizing that the search for “the One” is finally over!

In the clip below, you can only imagine what was going through the mind of the groom, who dissolves into tears as soon as he sees his wife-to-be walking down the aisle.

One of his groomsmen even puts a hand on his shoulder to show his support.

A girl can only dream of getting a reaction like this on her wedding day. This couple will always cherish their wedding day, but certainly this moment in particular!

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