Groom And 9 Friends Line Up When Music Comes On, Start Shaking Their Heads In Hysterical Dance

From time to time, we find some videos that really have us in stitches. This often happens when people really let loose and have as much fun as possible.

For some time, we’ve been seeing choreographed routines at weddings, meant to break the cycle of traditional slow dances. All kinds of pairs have invested time and effort into providing good entertainment for their guests: dads and brides, moms and grooms, bridesmaids, and now groomsmen! Even this wedding’s guests surprised the happy couple with their very own flash mob!

In this film by Ryan North of North Productions, the groomsmen at this fancy wedding line up and turn their backs on the bride, who may or may not know what’s to come… And when they start dancing to the first song, she’s in a fit of giggles! And when you see them, you’re sure to be too. Just a few seconds later, the music changes, and the groom and his friends are at it again.

Throughout the whole dance, the group of 10 men pulls off some pretty cool and hilarious moves. Just past the 3:00 mark, they even stage a famous Disney hit!

But don’t forget to watch until the end to see how they bring the bride into the mix…

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