She Has Collected Gum Wrappers For A Very Long Time And The Reason Is Quite Clever…

When Elizabeth Rasmuson, of Garner, Iowa was preparing to go to her prom, she wanted a unique dress.  The teen designer showed her passion for fashion and recycling when she went to her high school prom in a dress made out of gum wrappers. That’s right, gum wrappers.  She used thousands of wrappers from Wrigley’s, “5” gum to create the dress..

She chose Wrigley’s “5” gum because she liked the aqua, teal and silver colors that the wrappers came in. Once the dress was completed, Rasmuson covered it with a protective vinyl coating to stop breakage. 

prom dress from gum wrappers 1

Rasmuson said she got the idea after she saw that some people were using duct tape to make clothing. Rasmuson also created a matching vest for her boyfriend Jordan Weaver to wear. Thanks to her friends, Rasmuson was able to collect most of her wrappers.

“[Elizabeth] bought a ton of gum and gave it out to friends and then would collect the wrappers back,” Weaver said.

prom dress from gum wrappers 2


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