A 23-Year-Old Student Becomes A Father And A Grandfather On The Same Day

Tommy Connolly was 23 years old when he became a father and a grandfather in the span of a few weeks.

Wait, what?

It’s true, and it’s a pretty incredible achievement for someone so young! However, it didn’t happen exactly in the way you would think.

As children, Tommy and his cousin Amy had been close, but over time, they grew apart. It was their reconnection when Amy was 17 that started this whole story.

guy father and grandfather

As a student of Australia’s Sunshine Coast University at the time, Tommy worked full-time and ran track for his school.

guy father and grandfather

His cousin didn’t have those sorts of opportunities. She was homeless, struggling with addiction, and pregnant. As a foster kid, she grew up without much parental guidance. That’s where Tommy came in.

guy father and grandfather

After hearing about her situation, Tommy didn’t hesitate: he was going to adopt her, legally speaking, and that was that. A few weeks later, she gave birth to her son, and Tommy became a grandfather.

guy father and grandfather

All Amy had wanted was “to give [her] little man” a better life than she had. Thanks to Tommy, that is finally becoming a reality.

guy father and grandfather

Even at a young age, Tommy is stepping up to help his family in need. What a guy.


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