Mom Says 3-Year-Old Is A Good Gymnast, But Seconds Later, Ellen Is Floored When She Flips

Emma Rester’s mom Annie noticed her daughter was particularly clumsy as she grew into her toddler years. So, it was suggested Emma try some easy gymnastic practices to help with her coordination.

Much to everyone’s surprise, this tiny little girl from El Paso, Texas, turned out to be a gymnastics prodigy!

In March 2016, Emma showed off her talents on Ellen’s stage. At the time, Emma was just 3 years old and only been practising for six months! Her loving dad, a heroic soldier, was stationed in Korea.

Since her viral appearance on Ellen’s show, this amazing little gymnast has racked up more than 200,000 followers on Instagram.

From the bars to her adorable floor routine, Emma spins, twirls, bends and flips. But when she gets to her #1 favourite skill — her back handsprings — Ellen is left absolutely speechless.

At the end of the clip below, Ellen has a surprise for Emma that will absolutely melt your heart.

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