5 Gymnasts Begin To Perform, But When They Toss Balls In The Air, The Crowd Is Mesmerized

When you think of gymnastics, what comes to mind? Unless you’re a professional gymnast, or know someone who is, the image that comes to mind is probably the Olympics. Every four years, disciplined athletes from different countries come together to exhibit their impressive strength and control in what has become one of the most popular events at the summer games.

But did you know that there is another form of gymnastics that’s quickly becoming just as popular? It’s something called “rhythmic gymnastics,” and it somehow manages to be even cooler than the standard gymnastics that you’re used to seeing at the Olympics.

While the concepts that led to the sport date back to the 1700s, rhythmic gymnastics wasn’t officially recognized until 1961. There wasn’t even a world championship until 1963 and the sport was only included in the Olympics a few years before table tennis. This relatively modern sport certainly doesn’t look that new. One of the most well-known “apparatuses” used is the club, which is based on weight-lifting equipment popular in the 1800s.

But when the Spanish women’s Olympic team puts on this routine with five plastic balls, they didn’t just wow the judges, they became an Internet sensation. One look at this video and you’ll see why.


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