This Is What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

It’s amazing how much you can tell from a person’s handwriting. Just like your body language, your handwriting speaks volumes about your character and can even be used to indicate serious health problems.

handwriting meaning

We collected the most predominant features of calligraphy that define your personality.

  • Size does matter

When analyzing your handwriting, the size is critical. If you write with large letters, you’re an extrovert. You’re outgoing, confident, and find it easy to establish contact with new people. You don’t mind being the center of attention. If you write with tiny letters, you’re likely to have an introverted personality. You are focused, careful, and shy. You always pay attention to the details and analyze people before you become confident and comfortable around them.

  • Spacing between words and letters

Wide spacing between words indicates that you have trust issues. You are prone to loneliness and avoid contact with other people. Average spacing shows that you feel comfortable with others. If you choose to write with narrow spaces, you may be unstable in either emotions or thinking. You feel the need to be around people and can’t stand to be alone.

Average spacing between letters indicates a self-confident and independent person. Letters written close together show that you feel uncomfortable about yourself and probably have low self-esteem.

  • Slanting

If your writing doesn’t slant, you’re a practical, logical, and balanced person. You have control over your emotions and situations in your environment. If, however, you writing slants to the right, you may be less controlled and more open to new experiences. You like to meet new people and change excites you. But there is a third option: if you tilt your letters to the left, you may be more cautious and timid. You do not like being the center of attention but you’re good at teamwork.

  • Dotting your i’s

The dot over ’i’ seems like an insignificant detail, but you would be impressed to see how much it says about you. If you place the dot high, you most likely have a great imagination. You’re a habitual dreamer with your head in the clouds. If you use a dash, you are overly-critical and observant. You push yourself to the fullest and always feel like you can do better. A circle or another symbol instead of a dot shows that you’re creative and often act childishly. You love to play and take advantage of every opportunity you have to leave your personal stamp on what you do.

  • Pressure

The pressure you put on paper speaks of your vitality and inner security. Heavy pressure speaks of your strength, high self-esteem, and confidence. You are very committed and always look forward. But if the pressure is soft, you are more likely to be sensitive and empathetic. You always doubt yourself and you find it difficult to make decisions.


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