12 Smart Tips On How To Hang The Perfect Picture

It’s fun to put a personal touch on all the rooms of your home. What’s not so fun is actually hanging up your chosen pictures and prints. For most people, it’s an exercise in frustration combined with a little (or a lot) of trial and error. Luckily, we’ve got a few handy hacks for hanging your decor just right on the first try.

1. Give it all a glow.
hang pictures 1
String up some fairy lights; use a short string for simplicity or several for more of a statement. Then, use clothespins to clip your favorite photos in place.

2. Make your life easier with a free paint stirrer.
hang pictures 2
Next time you’re at the home improvement store, pick up a free paint stick. To use it while hanging a print, just put a screw in the end and hook the frame onto it. Get the print into the desired positioning, press the screw into the wall to make a mark, drill the screw in place and hang the print.

3. Painter’s tape is perfect for posters.
hang pictures 3
Posters are an easy and cheap way to personalize your space. But the way the tape used to hold them up tears paint off the wall leaves much to be desired. To avoid that, stick painter’s tape to the wall in the shape and size of the poster and then line the outer edges with double-sided tape. Simply stick the poster over the top.

4. Get the distance right.
hang pictures 4
A frame with one hanging point might be easier, but using two hangers will give you more stability. To make sure you get the distance between the holes right the first time, grab your painter’s tape, place a piece from one hole to the other and mark the spots. Then, stick your tape on the wall and drill right through the holes.

5. Stop tossing your cans in the recycling, tabs intact.
hang pictures 5
Next time you finish off a can of soda, tear off the tab and store it for later use. If one of the hangers on a frame breaks, simply replace it with a can tab.

6. Try out wallpaper without actually committing to it.
hang pictures 6
Wallpaper is wonderful for making a statement, but it can be a big pain when it comes time for removal. To get the big, bold look without the hassle, stop by your local fabric store and find a pattern you like. Cut a piece to fit your space first, then use a mix of cornstarch and water to stick it to your space. It sticks well, but peels off very easily.

7. Cheap wrapping paper is the key to a perfect layout.
hang pictures 7
If you’re imagining a gorgeous gallery wall, there are a lot of moving cogs to take into account. Instead of hanging up the pieces haphazardly and having to move them multiple times, use cheap or leftover wrapping paper. Place all your art on top of the paper and trace the shapes. Cut out the templates and then tape them on the wall to determine your layout before putting in the hard work required to hang each piece.

8. You’re going to want washi tape.
hang pictures 8
Quirky, colorful frames can get pretty pricey. That’s where washi tape comes in handy. The crafting tape comes in all kinds of colors, patterns and widths and can bring your photos into focus in a very cool way.

9. Switch up your decor with chalk.
hang pictures 9
Keep things fresh with a hanging chalkboard. You can buy a chalkboard or go the DIY route with chalkboard paint on the cardboard backing of a frame. If you choose to paint, pop the cardboard into the front of the frame, attach some ribbon or twine to the back and hang it up.

10. Think outside the frame.
hang pictures 10
There are a million and one options when it comes to pictures and prints, but why limit yourself to things that are framed? Just use some hot glue to attach a thumbtack to the back of any item of your choice and stick it straight in the wall.

11. Pretty up your walls by hanging up plates.
hang pictures 11
While there are purpose-built plate hangers readily available, they can get expensive very quickly. And why pay when you could make your own for practically free? Just get safety pins, grab some E6000 adhesive and some fine grit sandpaper. Lightly sand the back of the plate where you want to place the hanger, apply some E6000 and place the safety pin in it, top down. Apply some extra adhesive on top and let it dry for 24-48 hours.

12. No level? No problem.
hang pictures 12


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