His Canoe Sat In Their Garage For Over Ten Years Until This Fateful Weekend

Ten years ago, I bought Don Paullo a canoe for Christmas. He talked about fishing with friends and kids. Well, the canoe touched water once and has sat on the side of our garage for nearly a decade.

Every once in a while, I’d comment on the stagnant canoe and Don would laugh and say he’d use it ‘next weekend.’ Well, the little green canoe got all its use over the past three days. It’s hauled over 100 people, their pets, and belongings out of Nottingham Forest.

Don spent over 20 hours in the freezing cold water helping our friends, neighbors and perfect strangers to safety.

Right now, it’s hauling the last important things out of our house. I’m very proud of Don and all he’s done for us and our community. I’m not sure what our future holds. But I do know that “stuff” doesn’t matter, people do.

Pray for Houston.

helping hurricane harvey victims

As devastating as the storm was, it helped reveal the strength and resolve of the American spirit – with thousands of everyday Americans leaping into action to help those around them.


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