He Paid For A Homeless Boy’s Food After He Was Berated By The Restaurant Owner

I don’t know why God put me in these situations….  I say, God because it’s like I’m always there at the right time… all day I had no idea what to eat.. I was at Captain D’s they were taking too long, so I was like let me hit the Panda Chinese Buffet!! I sit down and notice this young boy maybe 12 or 13 eating alone… I notice he is stuffing his face and eating with his hands, so I’m like damn that’s awkward…. I got up to get my 3rd plate, and at this time the young man is at the counter to pay, and I see the Chinese man throw his hands up and getting loud. Now the boy could have run out the door, but he stood there and said he had no money!! All these folks in line and nobody said a word only said the boy should learn his lesson about eating food and not paying… so I walked up and said I will pay!!! No problem!! $13.90 was his total and looking like the kid should be locked up or something the child was hungry and for the life of me couldn’t understand why nobody would help him.. I wrote down my number and told IDC what time it is if you hungry call me cause I’m always eating… this really got me sitting here thinking are we that bad off as humans that we won’t help each other? I’m sorry I was raised better… I was just thankful I was here to help him… the best 13.90 I ever spent no bs…

helping poor kid


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