The Way These Waitresses Save A Woman From Danger Is Brilliant

I’ve been dating quite a bit from online dating sites since my divorce. I’ve had great experiences so far and have never been in a situation in which I felt unsafe. Until this weekend. I was on a first date as a very classy restaurant. The guy knew the staff; we were treated amazingly.

The GM even comped our wine and poured it himself. The date was to continue at a comedy joint next door, so we walked to the next venue. I left the restaurant feeling loose but good.

My date insisted that we stop at his car where he produced individual shots of fireball and offered me a cigarette. It seemed a little strange that he would have travel sized liquor but I went with it because he had been the ultimate gentleman.

A few moments later we’re sitting in the club, and I’m smiling at the opening act when it hits me. I am not okay. I immediately stumble, bumping into people and walls, to the bathroom. I get immediately sick and unable to stand or keep my eyes open.

The next thing I knew two waitresses were taking off my shoes and tying my hair back. They kept saying that they weren’t going to let me go home with “that guy” and that something wasn’t right.

They took me to a car, confiscated my phone and ascertained my address, plopped a bucket in my lap and drove me home 30 minutes away. This woman, this complete stranger, managed to get into my key coded building, carry me up the stairs, get into my apartment, and deposit me in the bathroom with a glass of water. I woke up in a pool of vomit six hours later with no recollection of what happened.

She sent herself a text from my phone, so I’d be able to contact her – saying that if I ever needed anything to get in touch. I don’t know this woman or her friend. I don’t know what she saw that was off. I don’t know why she was so incredibly kind to me. But I know that this stranger is my new BFF and likely saved me from certain roofie nightmares with my date.

So, I guess I want to say thanks to any woman that stands up and helps another woman with no questions asked and no judgment issued, I had no idea that girls like this existed. A testament to the awesomeness of our gender. I am definitely going to pay it forward one day.


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