Privileged Woman Preferred To Toss Her Leftovers Rather Than Give Them To A Homeless Man

Walking into the market this afternoon behind a woman holding a Styrofoam food container in her hand. A homeless man sitting outside the entrance and doesn’t ask her for money, he simply asks her if that, the container, is leftovers she is going to discard and if so can he have it. She looks at him with disdain and tells him no, he can’t have it because, with pause, she has a cold. He tells her he doesn’t care of course as she simultaneously tosses it into the garbage. The man just looks down at his feet and says nothing. She, of course, looks back at me and shows her disgust at the man’s suggestion.

I say nothing but walk to the deli counter and buy the man a foot long sandwich, chips and water, get the items I needed and was in front of her in line to pay for my stuff.

As I was done with my transaction, I looked back at her and said to her, “Oh, this sandwich is for the unfortunate human being that you were so blatantly cold and uncaring for a few moments ago. Cost me six bucks to have a little humanity. Can’t help but notice that cross hanging off your neck, what does your hypocrisy cost you? ” Actually got a little faint applause, which was nice.

Dude got his meal. Was thrilled and cried, gave him a $20 and the world is a slightly less miserable place…..for a brief moment.


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