Woman Who Bought $28 Clip-On Veneers Online Was Not Impressed

Some of us are lucky enough to have a perfect set of teeth. One woman decided to try her luck online when she bought $28 clip-on veneers.

Sue Robertson, from Paull, Yorkshire, has graciously shared hilarious photos of herself wearing her new veneers from ‘Perfect Smile’ on Facebook.

‘What a waste of $28,’ she said.

She shared an amusing clip of herself talking while wearing the clip-ons and showing how they sometimes ‘fall out.’

Many of her social media followers commented that they ‘couldn’t stop laughing.’

One even went as far to comment: ‘OMG, she looks like a horse!’

hilarious clip on veneers

Sue Robertson, from Paull, Yorkshire, shared hilarious snaps of her new clip-on veneers which she’d bought online on Facebook

hilarious clip on veneers

She said she had been ‘excited’ about her Perfect Smile veneers but was less than impressed with the results when they arrived

Sue said she was ‘excited’ for the veneers to arrive, after reading the leaflet that said ‘no-one would be able to tell’ she was wearing them.

Sue commented: ‘I’m looking at myself and thinking there’s something different about me, what a waste of $28.’

On the Perfect Smile website, the ‘one size fits all’ veneers will give you a ‘million dollar smile.’

To wear the removable veneers, it adds: ‘Just soak in hot water and press into your existing teeth for an instant, custom fit.’

hilarious clip on veneers

Her Facebook post has been shared over 27,000 times, with many commenting that they ‘couldn’t stop laughing’

hilarious clip on veneers

Perfect Smile claim on their leaflet that their ‘custom fit’ veneers are one size fits all

Other social media users did not seem to be convinced by the veneers modeled by Sue.

Many said the photos were hilarious, with one person writing: ‘This has made my day.’

Another commented ‘Not surprised these were only $28’, while one added: ‘Too funny.’

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