She Asks A Photoshop Guru To Make Her Booty Bigger. The Result Will Have You Laughing…

A rogue graphic designer on Twitter is inviting people to send in any photos they feel need a Photoshop fix — but he’s taking their requests VERY literally.

US-based James Fridman has been amusing his 45,000 Twitter followers with his Photoshop work, filling client briefs like this.

He takes requests from all over the world, like this guy on a Russian beach who said, “I would like to lie in America”.

Young and old alike come to James in their hour of need.

But you have to be careful what you wish for with James, as this girl who asked him to “fix the ironing board, make the boobies bigger” found out the hard way.

And check your spelling or you’ll end up with an “angle with little wings” like this unfortunate soul.

Seriously. Spellcheck.

“Could you please make my dad look the other way?” No problem.

And sometimes James takes matters into his own hands, like this guy who was told, “You can’t just be sad. There must be a reason.”

And if you ask James to remove “that ugly creature” in a photo with your cat, be warned: James can be cruel.

In fact, even when he’s given fairly straightforward instructions he doesn’t necessarily do as asked.

You’ll get what you asked for, just not what you expected.

And then this one time he surprised everyone by being, well, really nice.

You can keep up with James’ maverick Photoshopping on Twitter.


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