Despite His Little Brother’s Differences, He Sets A Unique Example Of Real Brotherly Love

Turner and Griffin share their story in a video produced by Special Books by Special Kids, a multimedia non-profit that, according to its website, “spreads empathy, understanding and acceptance for neurodiverse individuals.”

Turner is a child of many faces. Happy, sad, surprised, monster. However, the face most people who aren’t close to Turner see when they see him is that of a child with Down syndrome. Turner’s condition sometimes leads others to laugh or make fun of him. When that happens, his brother Griffin steps in and tells them to cut it out.

Special Books by Special Kids shared the video on Facebook where it has touched millions of people. Some people enjoyed the video because they can relate.

Sarah P Riale wrote, “This is so sweet. Griffen is such an amazing brother and person because of his brother turner! My brother has DS and I truly believe that he is why I have the love and compassion I have today! It is because of my brother that I am a pediatric PT!”



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