21 Impressive Home Makeovers You Will Want To Try Yourself

Looking to spruce up your home but don’t have the money to hire a professional designer?  Here’s some fun ideas you can do yourself!  

A small and functional kitchen

home makeovers 1In this case, painting the walls and adding a few decorative elements wouldn’t be enough to make the kitchen more stylish. This kitchen was in fact fully renovated. The combination of white and navy blue always works well. The large indoor plant functions as a bright spot in this room. The floor is now covered with tiles of imitation marble. The furniture wasn’t even moved, but the kitchen looks completely different.

A place where creativity can flourish

home makeovers 2This attic was changed drastically. The turquoise walls and white ceiling definitely refresh the room. After its renovation, this has become an ideal workplace where creativity can flow freely. Lovely colors, a warm carpet, a classic sofa, and natural decorative elements create an inspirational atmosphere for work.

A productive workplace

home makeovers 3In order to work efficiently, you have to be in the right environment. For example, it’s better to avoid cold colors on the walls or leave them with no decor at all. Look at how the bright colors here contrast with the floor and other wooden elements after the makeover. The floor is also covered in artificially aged parquet. I wouldn’t mind working in a place like this!

Ideas for a small room

home makeovers 4In this case, gray tones perfectly combine with bright colors and natural light. The simple furniture and original carpet design are ideally suited to the small room, as well as the various decorative items on the shelves.

A creative office

home makeovers 5We spend most of our time in offices, so this should be a comfortable and cozy space. Colorful walls, white shelves with original things placed on them, bright chairs, and light laminate flooring will make you feel creative and full of energy every working day.

A bright living room

home makeovers 6This living room was transformed drastically. Originally, it was decorated in a traditional style with a predominance of dark colors. Now, this bright room is decorated in ’’cottage style,’’ characterized by the same range of colors, functional furniture, and the major use of the color white. The walls are sheathed with bleached oak that might seem an impractical design solution. But with proper care, its beauty will please your eyes for a long time.

Dark walls and bright decorative elements

home makeovers 7Making a dark and gloomy room look brighter is a typical task for any designer. However, sometimes, customers really love dark colors. For such people, this living room is an ideal solution. Just paint the walls with your favorite dark color to highlight the bright and light furniture. No need to change the floor — just varnish it to make it look new.

The beauty of minimalism

home makeovers 8

There is nothing superfluous in this minimalist kitchen. The bright background emphasizes the light furniture. Everything revolves around the contrasts. The parquet floor also looks very impressive in the new setting.

A cozy living room

home makeovers 9In this case, the laminate floor was replaced with a lighter one to make the room cozier. You can paint the walls with acrylic, replace the curtains with blinds, and cover the artificial fireplace with decorative ’’Marrakech’’ plaster or just trim it with tiles. And voila! — the living room looks luxurious!

Add a little pink

home makeovers 10There is nothing superfluous here, but at the same time the amazing combination of white and pink energises and refreshes this huge room. Lots of light makes it more spacious, and the gold elements give the interior a classic look.