When Teen Asks Downs Syndrome Classmate to Homecoming, All Kinds of Magic Happens

As hard as it is to be rejected when you ask someone out, it can be even harder for the parent of the rejected one to watch.

But as Monica Jackson and Jason Feinberg of Fox5 in Las Vegas told the story, this was one Cinderfella tale with many glass slippers at the ending.

homecoming dance surprise

It all began when 17-year-old high school student Daniel Rivas asked several girls to go to the big dance with him. He was universally shot down. Daniel has Downs syndrome, but special needs or not, he wanted to feel like king for a day, just like anyone else for homecoming would.

But just when it appeared all his hopes would be dashed, classmate Kylie Fronias appeared, just like his very own Fairy Godmother, to make his wish come true. Kylie said she didn’t see Daniel as any different than anyone else, making his mother cry.

“I don’t think of kids who have a disability, I don’t think of them as being different. I think of them as being a normal person, but learning in a different way,” Kylie told the Fox5 Surprise Squad when they showed up to make the date even more spectacular.

And spectacular was the word for it. First, Surprise Squad host Monica Jackson told the kids they were going to homecoming in their very own Rolls Royce Shadow. Kylie and Daniel couldn’t stop smiling, but it was Daniel’s mom who was really beside herself with joy.

“Someone took the time to take my son to homecoming,” Tonya Rivas, Daniel’s mother, said of Kylie through tears. “I’m just touched, my heart is happy,” she told Jackson.

“It’s that Kylie didn’t see any disability, that’s what your heart wants as a mom,” Tonya said, as the teens loaded into the ritzy Rolls to roll up to homecoming in style.

That was only the first of many amazing surprises for the night, however. Inside Bistro 57 at Aliante Casino, they were treated to a sumptuous dinner. Tonya told Jackson that Daniel wanted to go to college and become a professional chef when he finished high school, but little did she know what was about to happen after dinner and the dance.

After learning from Monica Jackson that both Kylie and Daniel’s families were going on all-expenses paid trips to Disneyland, the owner of United Nissan presented Daniel with a $10,000 scholarship to go to the college of his choice, where he can begin to make his dreams of becoming a chef come true.

As for Kylie, she was taken outside and shown her brand new white Sentra with a huge red bow on it. Kylie couldn’t believe her eyes.

Apparently, sometimes, being the good guy – or girl – really does pay off.


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