Church Organist Helps Homeless Man Get A Job

A homeless guy came into the church where I was practicing the organ during the week. At first, he seemed to be sleeping in a pew.

Later, he called up to me in the loft and asked if he could see the organ up close, which I was happy to do. He was fascinated with its size and complexity. Everyone was quick to judge him due to his unkempt appearance.

He told me that he had been a professional painter, but lost his job because of drinking (which he claimed to have since given up and I believed him).

The memorable part was that I introduced him to the pastor who decided to take a chance and have him do some painting around the church in return for a place to stay on the grounds (a room in the former rectory) and food.

It worked out perfectly. The man painted many rooms throughout the campus with professional workmanship and eventually became the church sexton.

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