16 Confessions From People Who Were Once Homeless

Millions of Americans are homeless, with even more living below the poverty level and sadly, it is estimated that 2.5 million children will experience homelessness at some point during this year. The following are anonymous recounts from people who have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. No one, especially children, should ever have to go through what these people have gone through.

  1. Homelessness has many different faces that we may not always be able to detect.
    homeless people's confessions 1

2. People shouldn’t have to resort to self-injury to have a warm place to stay for a night.
homeless people's confessions 2

3. Sometimes you have to get creative when you have no idea where your next meal is going to come from.
homeless people's confessions 3

4. Shelters aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Many have high numbers of violent incidents and crime. Sometimes you have to resort to methods like this to have somewhere safe to stay during a storm.
homeless people's confessions 4

5. Seeing something like that makes the accomplishment all the more meaningful.
homeless people's confessions 5

6. That sense of accomplishment can feel so rewarding. However, not everyone has the means or ability to dig themselves out of a hole this big.
homeless people's confessions 6

7. It’s sad that even when you come out of homelessness, certain habits still follow you.
homeless people's confessions 7

8. Even when you manage to get yourself out of homelessness, life on the other side is filled with its own problems. Some people can deal with it, but others can’t. We’re all different in our ability to handle stress, and some people just need a little help and support.
homeless people's confessions 8

9. Too many of us are accustomed to having these luxuries as staples in our lives.
homeless people's confessions 9

10. When you get accustomed to a certain way of living, it’s hard to break out of old mindsets and habits.
homeless people's confessions 10

11. It’s wrong, but who could blame her for doing what she needed to do in order to survive?
homeless people's confessions 11

12. Some things are so deeply ingrained in you that they stay with you forever.
homeless people's confessions 12

13. You shouldn’t have to go through homelessness to appreciate this message. Society can be so wasteful with food.
homeless people's confessions 13

14. It’s so good to hear that this individual has something to look forward to every night now.
homeless people's confessions 14

15. It’s definitely a good mindset to have, whether or not you have gone through homelessness.
homeless people's confessions 15

16. It can be painfully hard to get accustomed to things that were once luxuries to you. Things like this are taken for granted by so many of us; imagine yourself in their shoes.
homeless people's confessions 16


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