People Were Ignoring This Dog, Until A Homeless Woman Found This Note On His Collar…

Any dog lover can tell you how hard it is to say goodbye to their pet, even if it’s just for the day as you leave for work. Sadly, not all dog owners are dog lovers, which is why we see so many unfortunate cases of dogs that have been abused, mistreated or quite simply abandoned by their owners.

That was the case with Joey, a pointer mix who was spotted tied to a pole with a note from his previous owners stating that he needed a home. Why these owners couldn’t have just taken him to a shelter instead is beyond me, but thankfully Joey was discovered by a kind-hearted woman named Lisa Snyder. She tried to see if any authorities would come get him, but when none would, she took him and walked three miles – which took all night due to her own medical condition – just to make sure Joey got to somewhere he could be taken care of.

The most incredible part of the story is that Lisa herself had fallen on hard times. She had to walk with Joey because she was living out of her van, which was not operational. Instead of ignoring Joey (like many people with more stable lives did), she put her own problems aside to help him, which eventually led to her getting the help she needed as well. Thank goodness people like her exist!


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