She Brings Homemade Artichoke Dip On Air To Share With Co-Anchors, Hilarity Ensues…

When the co-hosts of Global News Calgary were sharing Christmas recipes on air, no one expected this to happen. 

Leslie Horton a reporter and mother, was told to make something from scratch for the family dinner.  Horton who is incredibly busy and not the best cook, agreed she would make something.

She eventually decided on a no-bake artichoke dip because it was easy.  She gave her three co-hosts a heaping spoonful of the dip onto a cracker, and they immediately started gagging.

All of them said it reeked of vinegar, even though Horton said there wasn’t a drop of vinegar in the recipe.

One of her co-hosts couldn’t hold it in any long and spit it back up into his napkin!   Recipe fail at it’s best!


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