We All Know The Song “Singing In The Rain,” But Few Have Moves As Fantastic As This Horse

“Singing in the Rain” is one of those classic songs that almost anyone can sing along to. Even on a bad day, the simple lyrics and upbeat tune is enough to leave a smile on your face. However, many young people probably don’t realize that the song comes from a movie, starring the great American actor Gene Kelly.

Kelly starred in many musical films, and often collaborated with the likes of Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra. One of the biggest challenges of his career was “Singing in the Rain,” which he co-directed, choreographed and starred in. Although it received only modest reviews upon release in 1952, it’s remembered today as one of the greatest musicals of all time.

And best of all, it’s still inspiring performance artists, like this man and his horse. We think Gene Kelly would be proud.


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