The Internet Can’t Figure Out How Many Girls Are In This Picture. How Many Do You See?

This controversial image comes from Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari, who accidentally created an Internet firestorm. Her original purpose in uploading the photo was to promote a project called #WHPidentity, which aims to encourage women to show off their individuality through photos. Many people praised Tiziana’s work, but slowly a question began to arise in the comments … just how many girls are there in this photo?

No one is quite sure how many girls are in this photo. Some say two, others say it’s obviously four. What do you think?

how many girls photo

Although there hasn’t been an official answer given, the majority of people seem to think there are only two girls. However, those who think there are more are not ready to give up. 

how many girls in the mirror

This doesn’t seem like it will be settled any time soon, so if you have a theory you would like to share, make sure to let us know.


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