Crochet An Awesome Giant Circular Rug Without Any Sewing At All

Chandi of Expression Fiber Arts came up with a creative solution to making an easy rug.  You use only wool and your fingers to make a rug.  Chandi posted the results and instructions on YouTube. According to Expression Fiber Arts’ site, Chandi is the founder of the company; and besides doing crafts with wool and yarn, she also dyes and sells yarn on her site.

To make the rug, Chandi crochets the rug using 7 1/2 pounds of soft Merino wool roving which can be bought online at Weir Crafts. She starts by making a slipknot with the roving. She then does two chain stitches and turns around and does six single crochets into the slipknot. After she finishes the round, she tightens the knot and places a large pin in the last stitch to mark her spot. Each successive row will be crocheted in, using the back loop of every stitch after this point. The second round has 12 stitches. After every round is finished, she moves her pin so she knows exactly where the round begins and ends. Chandi points out that every round should increase by 6 stitches, and she gives the pattern at the beginning of every round.

When she finishes the last round, she walks you through how to finish off the rug and hide the leftover length of wool. Some posts on her video ask about using something other than Merino wool. One person used fabric yarn, and someone else asked if T-shirt yarn could be used as a substitute. The response to the T-shirt yarn was a yes.

If creating homecrafts appeals to you and the cost of the wool is not a deterrent, then finger crocheting a rug is an easy way to get a great, comfy covering for your floor. You can customize the color and size to fit the need of any room in your house.


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