The Easiest Way To Fold A T-Shirt Properly

Folding your clothes can oftentimes seem like the world’s most daunting task and it’s certainly a nightmare for those of us working in retail. Sure, the act itself is simple but leaving your clothes in a jumbled mess on the floor or just taking from the dryer all week is always so much easier! However, as time passes by and your floor becomes a torrential storm of questionably clean clothes, taking care of your laundry becomes a very important factor to living a healthy, happy life. More specifically, folding your clothes in a way that makes sense to your lifestyle can do incredible wonders for your sense of organization and time-management skills.

While maintaining a well-kept laundry and folding routine is easier said than done, there are many simple tricks to help turn that pile of uneven, half-folded tops into a stylish, organized collection of clothes. In fact, YouTube user, Crazy Russian Hacker has developed quite the pro-tip when it comes to folding your t-shirts in an organized and visually appealing way.

Putting away your laundry is one thing, however maintaining an organized and easily accessible wardrobe is a completely different ball game. Folding our shirts normally consists of these steps: fold the shirt vertically in half, align the sleeves, and then fold the shirt once more in half. However, Crazy Russian Hacker tells us one more key step: fold the shirt one more time horizontally. Check out Crazy Russian Hacker’s step by step video on how to turn your mismatched drawer of clothing, into an organized file cabinet of shirts!

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