He Places A Plastic Tube In The Center Of A Pot Of Dirt. Weeks Later, The Result Is Beyond Beautiful

There are some people who are born with a natural green thumb. Some people even have the uncanny ability of knowing what plants would look best at every spot in their yard. Whereas, some people, can’t even keep a cactus alive!

Whether you can grow them or not, flowers hold a big place in our society. You need them for weddings, funerals, holidays, or just to let your crush know how you feel.  One example is this husband, who planted thousands of flowers in his backyard just so his blind wife could smell them. You could take after this creative man who found a simple trick to arranging flowers in a memorable way.

Here’s a DIY project that will get your green thumb active and make any flower lovers out there proud.  The project is easy and can be done in a few steps.  Here’s the supplies you’ll need from the local hardware store.


  • Large flower pot
  • Drain pipe
  • Wire Fencing
  • Brown Tarp
  • Plastic Tiles
  • Rocks
  • Flower seeds

Begin by sealing the drain tile with duct tape and setting it inside the pot.

Place rocks at the base to support the pipe. Then, take the wire fencing and wrap it around the pot all the way up to the top of the pipe.

Place a tarp inside the wire fencing and then fill it with soil.

how to make a flower tower

Secure the tarp in place with plastic ties.

Puncture holes in the tarp with a knife wherever you want flowers to go. Make sure to also puncture holes in the drain pipe to get water flowing throughout.

how to make a flower tower

The result:  a gorgeous “Flower Tower” that can be used as a stunning arrangement.

how to make a flower tower

The idea for the “Flower Tower” comes from Dan330, who runs his own Internet blog on gardening. You can visit his site for more unique and memorable ideas.


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